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Release date

Nintendo Switch - August 29, 2018

PC | Mac - February 10, 2017


Nintendo Switch

PC | Mac



Minimum system requirements (PC | Mac)

  • Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 1GB of Free Disk Space
  • DirectX9 compatible Graphics Card (GeForce GTX 400 series or Intel HD Graphics 3000 series)
  • Windows 7 (for PC version) or OSX 10.11 (for Mac version)

Regular Price

USD 6.99 | EUR 6.99 - Nintendo Switch

USD 4.99 | EUR 4.99 - PC | MAC

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A bullet-fast, third-person Shooting Gallery, that takes you through ultimate gunfights across various locations of the Wild West!

Story Synapsis

Back in 1849, when the West was Wild and gunslingers faced off on the street, gold was discovered in the sleepy town of Sunset Bluff. Like a coyote drawn to the scent of blood, the Quicksilver Bandits rode into town to seize the mines and establish the law of the gun. The helpless citizens have suffered, and now they're looking to you, their savior. Draw your weapons! It is time to clear Sunset Bluff of the bloodthirsty vermin!


  • Arcade High Score Shooting Gallery with roguelike progression,
  • Five action packed levels - Town Square, Railway Station, Gold Mine, Outskirts and the Old Canyon,
  • Old school, upgradeable weapons (Revolvers, Shotguns, Rifles) and unlockable Charms,
  • Immersive toon shaded graphics with ultra smooth framerate,
  • Rage Mode - to make you invincible and boost the pace even more,
  • Perk Cards - to refine each playthrough,
  • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards,
  • Steam Leaderboards - to let you compete with your friends,
  • Reloaded; tons of tweaks and new features over the original Western 1849 [towards PC / Mac mid-core audience]!

Nintendo Switch Exclusive Features

  • Optimized for Motion Controls - aim with your Joy-Con Controllers like with a real pistol!
  • Updated Graphics - with new vibrant and colorful look, updated Post-Processing system, and silky smooth presentation in full 1080p/60fps!
  • Even more gameplay / flow / progression improvements to make the Switch version the Ultimate version of the game!


Western 1849 Gameplay Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Western 1849 Gameplay Preview

Western 1849 Reloaded Trailer


Western 1849 Reloaded - Nintendo Switch

Western 1849 Reloaded - PC / Mac



What is the "Reloaded" version?

The Reloaded version is a remastered edition of the mobile version of the game that came out in 2015 (for iOS and Android). The PC version has a number of significant gameplay, gameflow and visual changes making it the superior version of the game. Most notable changes are:

  • reworked gameflow (focused around High Score Challenges)
  • reworked Upgrade and Progression System
  • better texture quality and overall visual fidelity
  • reworked shooting mechanics to better fit the PC environment (mouse and gamepad support)
  • additional Perk Cards and Charms
  • balanced gameplay and difficulty curve
  • additional difficulty levels and locations
  • full SteamWorks integration (Leaderboards, Achievements, Trading Cards)
  • and more!

Can I request game code for review or a giveaway?

Of course! We will be happy to share the game with you, just contact us at support@nawiagames.com with your inquiry and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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